Terms & Conditions for Students

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to any qualified Pharmacist who is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council of Great Britain and who seeks locum work responsibilities through introduction by Coastlocum. 

  1. All services provided by Coastlocum (with the exception of premium-rate SMS messages) are free to locum pharmacists. 
  2. Locums are self-employed and remain responsible for their own tax and National Insurance arrangements.  
  3. It is the responsibility of the locum pharmacist to ensure he/she has adequate professional indemnity insurance as required by the GPhC.  
  4. Locums are expected to act and dress in a professional manner at all times, arriving at and leaving their place of work at the times agreed.  
  5. In the event of a locum being unable to attend a booking, it is vital that Coastlocum be informed as quickly as possible. Should the locum fail to do this, redress may be sought.  
  6. A locum is under no obligation to accept appointments which may be offered but, when a booking has been accepted by the locum and confirmed by Coastlocum, a binding contractual commitment has been made which the locum is expected to honour.  
  7. As a qualified and registered pharmacist, a locum is expected to be able to fill competently any placement offered and accepted. If a locum has any doubt over their ability to carry out the professional tasks involved in any booking, it is their responsibility to represent this.  
  8. Locums must be currently registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council of Great Britain (GPhC) and be permanent residents of the United Kingdom or hold a current work permit. In the case of foreign nationals, there must be no entry in their passport indicating any restriction on being allowed to work in the UK.  
  9. Locums must inform Coastlocum about any police or GPhC investigations, or any other investigations in progress which may have a bearing on continuing membership of the GPhC and hence future work placement opportunities.  
  10. All information regarding vacancies, given to a locum by Coastlocum, is the property of Coastlocum and is not to be passed on to any other locum. Similarly, all information regarding any establishment at which the locum has been engaged is confidential to Coastlocum.  
  11. Payment: You will normally be paid directly by the client, according to their usual procedure.  
  12. Coastlocum cannot be held responsible for non-payment or late payment of locum fees nor for any expenses incurred.  
  13. It is the responsibility of the locum pharmacist to ensure that an employer has adequate employee insurance. Coastlocum cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury incurred whilst undertaking work arranged through this service.  
  14. The engagement or employment by a client of a locum who was initially introduced by Coastlocum, or the passing by the client of an introduction from Coastlocum to another party which results in the engagement of the locum by that party, renders the client and locum jointly liable for charges at a rate of 200 per day.  
  15. It is a condition of registration with Coastlocum that all locums should read and accept these terms and conditions. 

Pharmacists are reminded that agreements to undertake locum work are binding both professionally and legally.

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